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About Us

Faster Construction. Improved Profits.

Modular Steel Systems is a steel modular manufacturing company based in Bloomsburg, PA. We boast the best engineering department and modular steel systems approvals within the industry. We have developed proven fire rated assemblies and best production practices to insure quality control, plant productivity and operation efficiencies. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer light and heavy gauge steel framed modular units to the hotel, multi-family, commercial, and residential markets.

Established in 2013, Modular Steel Systems, Inc. has immediately filled a market place demand for fire rated modular units using non-combustible materials. Our clients are using our products to solve fire rated code requirements for commercial and city fire zones. Our clients are now ale to utilize and achieve the multifaceted benefits of modular construction that were limited to type V wood construction. Modular Steel Systems provides complete engineering services, quality workmanship, and fair pricing to all of our customers.

Modular Steel Systems owners' have spent many years as modular homes builders. Management understands the site issues that builders sometime encounter. Management is committed to changes in certain plant policies and procedures that will benefits its modular builders. We like to say we are the builders manufacturer.

Our experienced people and unique modular steel products can assist you in accomplishing your construction goals. Our building systems offers type 1, type 11, type 111, and type V modular construction. We believe that by partnering with Modular Steel Systems you will achieve your financial and construction objectives.

Company Profile

Jonathan Davidson
President and CEO

Jonathan Davidson began his career in the modular construction industry in 2001. His diverse experience in the modular home building industry and his 25 years in the manufacturing industry has given him a unique set of skills to successfully manage Modular Steel Systems. He understands the builders side of the business and can now bridge the gap of builders needs and the modular manufacturing process. His innovative steel building systems provides the best building method to our clients.

Our Mission

To provide the highest level of quality modular services and modular products at a competitive and fair price.

Customer Service

To ensure developed customer relationships and continued service and product achievements through customer satisfaction in all business services, including: engineering, product offering, production, and quality control.

To achieve the highest level of professionalism and fairness in our relationships with our customers, suppliers, subcontractors, and associates.